About Us


I am passionate about music!  It has always and continues to bring me well-being, distraction and satisfaction on many levels, such as, doing good to others, to ease, to lighten, to appease, to send off to sleep, to encourage laughter, to make dizzy to discover or to pour out one's heart.  I am a pianist since childhood and have been part of a choir for many years.

I completed my Bachelors in Music therapy from UQAM in 2008 and my Master's of Music Therapy (MMT) at Wilfrid Laurier University in 2010.  I was the President of the Association québécoise de musicothérapie from 2014-2018, and was the vice president from 2011-2014.


Work experience

  • Music Hive 2019-present
  • Fondation Papillon 2018-present
  • Montreal Children's Hospital 2012-2015, 2016-2019
  • L'Essence en mouvement 2010-2017
  • MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre 2015
  • The Lighthouse Children and Families 2008-2009


I have been working in the Greater Montreal area for over 10 years in organisations and in private practice, and I particularly enjoy working with newborns, babies, and children under 5 years old.  Whether they are premature, sick, hospitalized or isolated, music acts as a real and wonderful remedy.  

In older children who may have, for example, a physical or intellectual disability, developmental or behvioural delays or issues, an illness, difficulties with expression, self-esteem or self-knowledge,, I know that music can be a facilitating tool, all while adapting to the needs of each person.